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Partner-Augmented Input: Modeling AAC in the Classroom

Research supports the use of partner-augmented input (PAI), also known as aided language modeling, as an intervention strategy for individuals who use AAC. There are multiple benefits of modeling AAC use, but why does knowing this not always translate to modeling in the classroom? Simply having awareness of a strategy does not typically result in its use. Only when school staff reach the application and problem- solving level can they transfer the learned skills to the natural environment and use them along with other strategies in their repertoires. Multiple training elements are typically required for communication partners to reach the application and problem solving level.

This program will take staff through portions of steps one through five of an evidence-based, 8-step instructional model for teaching partner-augmented input. Staff will complete commitment to the instructional program, strategy description, videotaped strategy demonstration, verbal practice of the strategy steps, and some controlled practice. This program will take approximately 2 1/2-3 hours to complete due to the hands-on nature of the exercises included. Staff should have a communication board, app, device, or emulation software available for participation in the interactive portions of the program.

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PAI Bundle

This bundle is only available to those who attend a SMoRRES Level 2 workshop. The DVD and manual are included with registration.

Therapy Materials

The Chat with Me series is now available on Teachers Pay Teachers. This series includes social stories, scripts and video models for six pragmatic functions including Greetings, Farewells, Maintaining a conversation, Making a phone call, Asking partner-focused questions, and Repairing communication breakdowns.

Each product in the series includes a PDF Social Story, an ePub (iBook or Book Creator compatible) Social Story (with Video Models). Single-switch compatible PowerPoint Social Stories (also including Video Models) and PDF Scripts without symbol support or with Smarty Symbols. A blank script template is also included for creating custom scripts or including symbols from students? specific communication displays or devices.

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